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Chairperson, Child Protection Officer, Coach

In my younger years I played tennis with my mum as a volunteer coach . Through my teen years I tried kickboxing. I met Jocky in 1999 at college when I was 17 and we had our first daughter in 2004 and second in 2008.

Martial arts and boxing has been a big part in our families life’s for many years with both my husband and eldest competing in regional competitions. We got married in 2011. 

After my third daughter, in 2011, I first started attending Zumba at Lee-Ann Gunns Zumba fitness class . I absolutely loved this it was great for mental health and a great bunch of ladies. I did this for several years before the boxing started up.

I have been very much involved with the running of the club since opening in 2019. I started doing boxing as fitness as part of the ladies class on a Thursday night. I also attend a fitness class on a Wednesday with Michael Duff. This is combining fitness, martial arts and kettlebells.

Our daughters attend boxing sessions and our oldest is currently a trainee boxing coach . Very proud of them. I’m very proud of the club and watching it thrive into a successful club.

Our club is very much for the community and being part of a great team running it alongside myself I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve recently completed my coach competency exam through Boxing Scotland. This enables me to be a Certified Boxing Scotland Coach. I volunteer on a Monday and a Wednesday to help with the running of the club and coaching. I’ve recently done my introduction to inclusion to practice. 

Inclusive sport offers ALL children with a disability the opportunity to realise their full potential in physical activity including sport by providing open, modified, parallel and discrete sports options appropriate to their individual needs abilities and environment. As a club we are very proud of our achievements and support mental health as a team or to our members.

I am a Dental Nurse/Childsmile nurse and have been for 20 years and through this role support children and families. It’s because of this I am confident that I can help support members mental well-being through their journey at Brechin Community Boxing club.  

We are in planning for our sensory room at the club and this will enable us to have a safe space for our members to go when needed. My daughter was finally diagnosed with ADHD last year. I’m so proud of her. Jocky also was diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar the previous year so mental health is very much important in our family and keeping that support going.

Courses completed:

  • Certified Boxing Scotland Coach

  • Child Wellbeing and Protection

  • Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer

  • Introduction to Inclusive Practice

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