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I am the treasurer of Brechin Boxing Club, taking on the role in May 2021. It was a bit of a challenge at the beginning learning the ropes, but I had the help and support of a fantastic team at the club behind me.

Lynsey is my sister, so I had offered my help and support to her and Jocky, where & when I was able to once they secured the club. I helped out at the very busy open day and have assisted with other odds and ends when I could.

I work in a busy GP surgery during the week and have been there for 13 years, so being at the Club is a great way to try switch off from work. There’s always a buzz about the place and I feel valued as part of the team.

I played short tennis and badminton in my younger days and started playing volleyball when I was around 13. I loved the team spirit and especially the fact I was training with my mum. When I moved to Perth to study Rock Music and Music Performance, I was no longer able to play volleyball as I struggled to find a team nearby to train with. Although I did partake in the SOVT Perth where our team did win the consolation round one year.

I started doing Zumba around 2012 and really enjoyed that, but did have to stop after a few years. I hadn’t really done any exercise since then until I attended Ladies Class at the boxing gym in March 2020 after some persuasion from Lynsey and Leah and did enjoy it. But then Covid happened and we all went into lockdown. As things slowly began to open up again I didn’t feel I had the confidence to go back to classes as I had been wearing masks at work, but we didn’t have to wear one while working out. Now I am feeling a bit more confident to start participating in classes again which I need to for my own health and mental health reasons.

With a good few changes happening to the Boxing Club and some more planned, I am really looking forward to the future and seeing what it holds.

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